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Pinnacle Helicopters is excited to partner with Moab Canyon Tours to provide the only Heli-Canyoneering experience in Moab!

In only a fraction of the time it takes to drive to the far, remote slot canyons, your private group will be flown to the edge of the canyon where you will meet your seasoned guides to begin your canyoneering adventure on an incredible route! Once your day is complete, you will fly back to the Moab airport.   

This is an unforgettable, amazing experience, and particularly welcomed by those with limited time!

Please call Moab Canyon Tours for details and booking at (435) 260-1822.  Group size limited to 3, and weight limits do apply.


We currently offer two Heli-canyoneering experiences:

Little Blue John

Scenic Views

Little Blue John is considered one of the most scenic canyons in the world. It is moderately challenging and a great canyon for both seasoned canyoneers and newcomers alike. Utilizing the swift access of a helicopter to and from Little Blue John makes this somewhat restrictive canyon straightforward, and it results in an easy and painless way to complete this natural wonder in half a day. Minimum of 2 people ages 8 and up.

Aron Ralston

Famous and Beautiful

Made famous by Aron Ralston, who, after 127 hours, amputated his right forearm to extricate himself from a trapped boulder to survive. With this trip, you can easily take the exact route that Aron took, including the helicopter ride back to Moab. You will see from the air the location where he started his trip, which eliminates the long drive and seemingly endless hiking. After being dropped straight into the canyon, you will encounter multiple rappels, amazing slot canyons, and even be able to see where Aron spent those fateful days of entrapment in 2003 wondering if he would be rescued or able to survive. The canyon ends with an iconic 90-ft rappel into Blue John Canyon, where you will hike a short distance to an awaiting helicopter to take you back to town. This adventure is rated easy to moderate, is 6–8 hours in length, and requires a minimum 2 people ages 8 and up.

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